About Julie

Business + Mindset CoacH

The hardest thing you will do as a business owner is find good people to help you in your business.  I’m here to make it easier for you. Everything I share is based on what I’ve learned teaching and coaching others since 2007.


Julie Blomsterberg – My Story

I’m a Business + Mindset Coach who empowers women to hire and lead a team with confidence. I specialize in helping women building online businesses with my own unique combination of mindset and strategy, to help them blow their own minds with how quickly they can transform their businesses (and lives) by asking for help and believing in themselves.

Prior to working as a coach, I worked as a freelance HR consultant and an in-house HR practitioner. After becoming a mom myself, I realized that I could impact more teams and have more time freedom if I stepped away from my role as an in-house HR leader.

I live in the Chicago suburbs with my husband, two kids and two spunky small dogs. And I genuinely love working with my clients.

“We all have blind spots. You’ll move further, faster having someone help you work through yours.”

Why Work With Me?

People work with me to learn the strategy and mindset they need to hire and lead a team with confidence.  I help my clients make empowered decisions that are fueled by confidence, courage, and possibility.  We work on believing in what’s possible for you and we take action to go after what you want.

My Guiding Values in Life & Business:

  • We assume positive intent and choose kindness.
  • We live thoughtfully and practice gratitude.
  • We enjoy the moment and have fun.
  • We tell the truth.
  • We do the right thing.
  • We look at problems from a different angle.
  • We treat people the way they want to be treated.
  • We look at failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.