I’m Julie Blomsterberg. I empower women entrepreneurs to hire and lead a team with confidence.

As ambitious women entrepreneurs we want success, joy, happiness, and abundance.

We want to feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment in our lives.

We want the freedom to choose when and where to work on our businesses.

We want to spend time with our kids without being distracted by business demands.

We want to make an impact on the world and blow our own minds with what we can do.

We want to show our kids that they can do anything they decide to work for.

We know that we need to ask for and receive help to grow beyond a certain point.

You can do this and I’m here to help you. 

Hi, I’m Julie.

A mom, entrepreneur, and Senior Certified Business + Mindset Coach for moms with online businesses. I empower women entrepreneurs to hire and lead a team with confidence and be nicer to themselves in the process. I’ve been coaching on hiring and leadership since 2007. I was driven and ambitious, and I built a really successful corporate career with a fancy title and corner office, all before I turned 30.

I became a mom when I was 32 and left that corporate job when my daughter was 10 months old, because I needed more time with her. Some days I only got to see her in the morning before I left for the office, or at night just before she went to bed (and she was breastfed, so she was basically attached to me when I was around). When she woke up for her middle of the night all you can eat buffet, I’d switch between checking work email and chatting in mom’s groups online. To say that I was tired is an understatement. 

I transitioned into consulting with corporate clients, and that’s something I still do on certain projects, with companies that I choose to work with. I also choose to primarily work with moms, because I am one. I understand the journey that you’re on, the feminine conditioning, and the see saw of balancing being a mom with building a business.  I’ve been a leader since my mid-20’s and have done a huge amount of work to grow both professionally and personally.

I love helping other women in their hiring and leadership journey so that they can spend more time in their zone of genius, doing the things that light them up and less time trying to figure things out. I’m happy to share that my only late nights these days are when I stay up too late reading a good book or binge-watching something that sucked me in on Netflix.


Julie taught me a lot about hiring and leadership in a way that was easy to understand. She helped me believe in and trust myself when it came to making business decisions involving people and work.” 

Julie is a thoughtful, hard-working, and exceptionally competent individual whose pleasant personality makes even difficult HR situations easier to deal with.

– Client Feedback

I very much enjoyed working with Julie and highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with growing and leading a team. Julie is a very talented and positive person.

– Client Feedback

I really appreciate you Julie. Truly. You’ve helped me in more ways than you can imagine. I still to this day compare every leader I’ve worked with to you, you were an outstanding leader and mentor.

-Team Member Feedback